Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rain, coffee and Jane Austen

This is Brisbane today. 

When it rains here it can really pour and I don't know where the pool water ends and the surface water begins. Only a few days ago we were contemplating topping up the pool with water from the tank in the garden....oh, well at least it's saved us a job!

There are big huge rain drops dancing on the deck and on the tin roof.

The sky has lost the brilliant blue shine and instead there are grey clouds as far as the eye can see.
According to the weather channel we are in for some serious rain this week with warnings of flash flooding.
On the school run this morning I noticed that the drains were already overflowing.

So on a day like this when I'm recovering from very late bedtimes due to the silly times that those tennis players in the Australian Open finish their games, I needed some comfort.

Fresh coffee and a favourite read....
Is there anything better?

On the subject of reading, my girl has definitely been influenced by her mother.
She has just completed a version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Having watched a few different versions (TV adaptations and movies), she recently declared that she wanted to read the novel. She managed the first few pages and declared it just a little bit too hard. Then on a visit to the local library she independently quizzed the librarian about whether there was any child friendly Jane Austen novels. After a bit of research the librarian managed to find this copy and placed it in order. 

We waited a few months and eventually it was ready to pick up. 
It's a simplified version with some illustrations to accompany the text. There is also some reference to the original novel and some explanations to help the young reader to understand some of the concepts and customs of the time. All in all a great introduction and I would recommend it thoroughly.
I have found  a few Shakespeare plays in this series but sadly no more Jane Austen.

So after a day indoors, I'm off to do the school pick up before going to the weekly swimming lesson - well and truly back to routine.

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  1. Beth, I'm watching the mountains east of sjw and they are receiving an absolute drenching! Alas, nothing here yet and while I don't wish for flash flooding, we would like to top up our tanks and water the garden... soon, hopefully! gxo

  2. Please let the rain stop before we touch down next week!

  3. Look at all that rain! It was supposed to rain here today but it hasn't happened yet.
    How lovely that your daughter has such an interest in reading. I reckon the book she read would be good for me!
    By the way, your garden is beautiful!

  4. Beth, with all the rain, are the cane toads out on the road?? I used to laugh as I drove to school on a wet morning...they would be lying dead on the road...all bloated....then at pick up in the afternoon they would all be as flat as cardboard from being driven over all day!! Robx

    1. I can't say I've noticed any more of those horrible things out and about. I hear the frogs croaking in the nights though.
      By the way Rob, I can't seem to click on your blog at the moment - it's saying the link is not found.

  5. Oh yuk! At least you have the right idea staying inside with coffee and a good book. I think it's fantastic that Sibs wants to read Jane Austin. I'm afraid my daughter thinks that everything her mum likes is old-fashioned and dull!!Love lINDA X

  6. Hi there! A very belated Happy Birthday to you fellow birthday girl. I couldn't blog much in Noosa as the internet was soooo slow! Hope you had a lovely day. I've enjoyed reading your back to school posts as my little Charlotte starts soon. Yikes. I'll keep that version of P&P in mind for Charlotte when she's a little older, I think she'd love it. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely rest of the week..Rachaelxx

  7. These last couple of years I've been wondering what's happened to the old tag line for QLD... sunny one day, perfect the next! Looks like you had the perfect remedy for a rainy afternoon and how gorgeous is your daughter, hunting down a child's version of Jane Austen!

    I've just stumbled across your blog and have really enjoyed reading about your life here in Australia... am following and look forward to reading more.

  8. Hope you have had a Happy Australia Day.. and thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Been reading through your recent posts and wasn't Mary Poppins amazing? We saw it last year here in Melbourne. Amazing. Sorry you have had so much rain there and hope nowhere near flooding. x

  9. The rain just has not letup here, so soggy out. Our pool has turned an odd colour from all the run off water.... That Jane Austin for the younger reader looks perfect for my daughter! Thanks for the tip. X