Saturday, 4 February 2012

Gu and Tadcu are here.

It's 11pm and as I tip toe down the stairs to the garage there's a very very excited nine year old trying her best to sleep in her bed.

The place is ready.

The guest room has been prepared and Sibs has placed little notes and drawings in strategic spots.

I drive through what feels like the deserted streets - every traffic light is green!

In no time I'm through the barrier of the car park and I can choose a parking spot.

I still drive around to get the best park (?!) Don't ask me why.

Walking towards the building I have butterflies in my tummy.
My hands shake as I take a few photos...

I observe those around me. Some are sitting engrossed in a book or their electronic device. Some are pacing around, others are chatting excitedly. I stand a little to the side to watch.

The doors slide open and everyone stares as a little family walk through. Their eyes scan and then fall upon an elderly gentleman (one of the pacers). Bags are dropped and the old man beams. He can't take his eyes off the little boy. I wonder if it's a grandson that he's never met?

As my eyes well up (I'm a real softie) other couples and individuals walk past. Some head straight to the taxi rank, others are greeted with various degrees of enthusiasm.

Then it's my turn...

My little family walk in the opposite direction to where I'm standing! I scramble through the small crowd to get to them.

"I'm over here!"

We find each other, we hug, we wipe away the happy little stray tears...

Gu and Tadcu are here!

(Gu and Tadcu = Welsh grandparents)

12 Comments and thoughts:

  1. You nearly had me welling up with tears too Beth.
    Wishing you an absolutely brilliant time with your loved ones. I bet they won't be missing the freezing temps back home!

  2. brilliant! I love the scene in the film Love Actually at the airport when people are arriving to laughter and tears and heartfelt hugs. Sure, sometimes it can be mundane walking yourself to a taxi rank at unromantic Heathrow but sometimes it's that little magical moment when you arrive or wait for your loved one or ones to arrive

  3. How wonderful for you all. It must be extra poignant when they live so far away. Enjoy your time with them x

  4. How lovely Beth, say a big hi to them both from a very very very snowy & Freezing
    Barnoldswick. I love the way you describe everything, makes you feel like being there! They timed it right, weather pretty awful here. Going to see Katherine Jenkins tonight at Blackpool opera house, hope we can get out! Much love Al & Wend xx

  5. How exciting Beth! I had those same little butterflys in my tummy (when I am waiting for something exciting to happen) when I read your posting. I can just imagine all the chatter and excitement going on at your place at the moment. Enjoy! ;)Sharyne

  6. Wishing you happy days Beth.

  7. How moving. My eldest son lives in Los Angeles, I understand the feeling.

  8. They are so lucky to have gone when they did then... Its snowing in the UK and there is some air travel disruption. Enjoy yourselves - hope you all have lots of fun together :-)

  9. How lovely for you Beth. Next weekend was to bring the same excitement for me and my kids as Grandparents were due to arrive into Sydney airport. Unfortunately an unforeseen hospital stay has broken the plans and we are dealing with the news that my parents may no longer be strong enough to fly again in the future. It's the sad reality of choosing to live our dreams so far away from our homeland. I wish you much love and laughter as you enjoy every moment of Gu and Tadcu. All my love, Gina

  10. heaven heaven heaven....spoil one another more than you even planned...sit alot and just talk and catch

    I'll be thinking of you as I know what it's like to wait for those special visitors 12,000miles away...

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  11. Have a wonderful time with your family.

  12. Lovely writing Beth. Love the contrast between the deserted streets and the hustle and bustle and excitement of the airport. Ever considered travel writing? Cariad mawr i mamgu a tadcu x