Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Two pieces of advice needed...

The first is some girly hair talk.

I'm now at that age where I'm questioning the length of my hair! You know that certain decade....?

When I was little I was the child that they modelled those cabbage patch dolls on!
I had very short, very curly, very red hair. Think Annie and you're on the right track!
In order to keep some sort of control over my 'do' it was kept short at all times.

Then when I became a bit more independent and started paying for my own haircuts
I decided it was my time to have longer locks.
After growing my hair for about five years it was just about touching my shoulders,
and that's were it would stay....not a centimetre longer.

Fast forward some more years and pregnancy did funny things.
 My hair changed colour, texture and interestingly began to grow at an alarming rate.

These days my 'natural' colour is a dark brown, there is hardly any curl and my hair is long. 
I don't spend hours preening and apart from the fact that it can take a long time to dry,
on the whole it's pretty easy.

Some days though I feel that I'm drowning in hair!

I can admire the long flowing tresses of others but wonder how long they take to get out of the house?

So....do I take the plunge? Go for the chop?

Will my past allow me?

Now onto another piece of advice...

Do I let on to my parents that this was on the outside door of their bedroom last night?!

Will they be on the next flight back to Wales?

8 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Beth...go short...it will always grow back...I always thing...you can't change the face but you can always change the hairstyle!! And, NO, I wouldn't tell them about that creature on their door...I'm hoping like hell not to bump into one whilst I'm here in Melbourne, and I've lived with them all my life!!
    p.s. yes we made it out on Thursday night and arrived Saturday morning...we were very lucky I think!!

    1. How lovely that you made it to the same time zone!
      Thanks for the advice...I've got a week to think about it.

  2. Beth, remember last time you had it short, it looked fab. I also like it long, you can at least tie it up and do all manner of things with it, whereas short is a lot of messing. I too am having the same dilemma but my hair is nowhere as thick and nice as yours, but mid fifties and long umm I wonder!! Defo no to the spider thing!! I wouldn't want to know.?! Snow very pretty here at the mo, hope your rain has stopped. Love n stuff Wend xxxx

  3. I face the same dilemma (hair, not spiders!!) - I had it really long for a long time, but only ever wore it tied back in a messy pony/bun thing, and never "did" it to look nice. So I got a pretty decent chop, and now I have to make more effort with it (or wear a beanie, which is what I generally do these days!!). I sometimes see photos of it looong, and want it back, but then I remember the hassle, and I think short(er) it easier. Age doesn't matter yet, I don't think. It's not like you are sporting a tiny whispy grey bun coiled on top of your head!! ;)
    As for the spider, just show them well after they have left the country!! ;)

  4. Hi Beth, I'm lucky follower number 100 (well I think that must be lucky) and found my way here from Melissa's. Lovely to find you! Definitely do not mention the spider. Reason to run miles in my book. How did you persuade it to leave? Shivers just looking at the photo!
    As for your hair - well I don't think age is a reason to cut it, but it will always grow back and a change is always as good as a holiday, or so they say! Maybe go half way and see what you think before being too drastic?

  5. I have short hair and worry that as I age I will look like I too am trying to pretend to be younger than my drivers license tells me!

    Be bold and have a change. If it doesn't work out you can be back looking like yourself in a few months!

    As for the spider....


  6. If the desired effect of the Huntsman was to frighten your parents back to Wales,why didn`t hubby put it in the bed?

  7. I shall cast my vote with the other comments Beth and advise you keep the spider a little secret between us girls :)
    Recently I chopped about four inches off my hair to lighten the weight and give my face a lift. It's now a bob style but still long enough I can pull into a pony or clip up on these humid days. Hair always grows and a change is as good as a holiday, or so they say!