Saturday, 25 February 2012

Monday became Friday!

That was the week that was!

Busy, busy busy...

One minute it was Monday morning and the next I'm flying through Friday!

Anyhow, it's the weekend, and that starts with home made pizza and some chilled white NZ Sauv Blanc. Tonight we had some very special guests join us after tea....

We're dog sitting for these two cuties. Sibs is in full charge and has a sheet of A4 paper filled with notes of what to do and when.

Big brother is in the top shot and little sister is below.

Our cats have escaped to hide in the linen cupboard upstairs well out of reach of little legged dogs! To be honest I don't think the dogs are too bothered - as I type this they are stretched out on the sofa snoring!

The Brisbane rain has been relentless today and looks set for the weekend, so I'm not sure what's going to happen when we get to point 22 on the instruction sheet - walkies!

Happy weekend,

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8 Comments and thoughts:

  1. They look adorable! Hope Sibs has fun - she sounds well organised!
    That sounds an excellent way to start the weekend - we love homemade pizza here too at weekends!
    Looks like you have been having a great time at the beach, what a shame to have rain now - my dog is not too impressed with walks in the rain - we dont get far before he just stops and turns round!

    Have great weekend Beth

    Gill xx

  2. What fun you will have with those two adorable dogs.I hope the rain lets up.
    Our dog point blank refuses to go outdoors in rain. We take her for a car ride and then visit the park-she looks at us like we are killing her.
    It is hot ans sunny here at Indian Rocks Beach Florida.
    Lots of tourists are visiting, which is great


  3. Enjoy the pooches Beth, they do look adorable.
    My dog despises the rain and like Helen's pet looks at us like ' paws will get wet'.

  4. Hey Beth welcome to our world, rain and dogs!!! Look so cute, I'm sure Sibs will be a perfect "mum" for them!!Have a lovely Wk'end Love Wend xxx

  5. I bet Sibs just loved
    being in charge of those
    two cuties! Have to say,
    NZ S Blanc is my absolute
    favorite and I hope you
    got to enjoy a bottle or
    two over the weekend!

    xx Suzanne

  6. What pretty pooches!!! Hope you had a great weekend, we got a bit on sun on Sunday! But the pool flooded and filled with dirt with all that rain last week! Hopefully it will cool down too, it was soooo hot today! Happy week! X

  7. Well Beth, I've just been up your neck of the woods, in Yeppoon, and the weather was awful. Although hot and humid, it blew a gale and rained for 5 days!! Today I'm off to Sorrento in Melbourne for 5 days and the weather has cra**ed up again!! I think I'm better off in England where I have no expectation of good weather. Robx

  8. They are both so cute - I hope the rain let up for walkies!

    You're right - NYC is very different to our lovely lifestyle in Perth. I'm loving the experience here, but it's taught me to appreciate what we have in Australia!