Monday, 20 February 2012

Back to Monday

I'm one of those people that doesn't mind Mondays. Not that I don't enjoy the weekends (not at all) it's just that Monday is my day. My catch up day. Today was very much a catch up day after being away last week.

We had a fabulous time away at the beach this last week and the weekend was complete when Neil drove down to join us on Saturday.

hi Dad!

We ended our little holiday by 'gatecrashing' a beach wedding...

Having dinner next to the pool and a late evening swim...

Driving home on Sunday through the Gold Coast hinterland and stopping off in Mount Tamborine...

from the tranquil to the rather bizarre!

 So, as I said, back to Mondays and back to routines.

Brisbane was a hot 32 degrees today - perfect for drying off those beach towels.

Great to go away, but equally lovely to be home.

9 Comments and thoughts:

  1. I just love perving on a wedding at the know...just sitting there behind the official guests, in my shorts and thongs...glad you had such a lovely holiday. Robx

  2. Sounds like a lovely break Beth, looking at all those beach scene's really wishing the year on for some decent weather here, wet windy and freezing 5 degrees but with wind chill colder! Sat with hot choc after not very pleasant walk with dogs.Enjoy your day at home love Wend xx

  3. The sort of weekend we can only dream of here at this time of the year. :)

  4. Glad you had a lovely break. I would love a little of that sunshine if you could send it my way! Love Linda x

  5. A wonderful break, it looks so relaxing. I love Mondays as they are my weekend day. I get to catch up and do whatever takes my fancy. I love it!

  6. Glad you had a lovely time :-)

  7. Your weekend sounds like it was a wonderful one! Monday's are my least favourite day of the week because they mean getting up super early and starting a looooong work week - it was so lovely to read about your Mondays - am going to channel that energy next week!

  8. Hi Beth, many thanks for your comments. So glad that Lois isn't the only one with strange cravings in the morning.It's almost the weekend again, time just flies by doesn't it! Have a lovely day, it's very mild here today, love Linda x