Saturday, 24 March 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that...

Is it me or are the days just flying past at an alarming rate?

Even my 9 year old commented the other day that time was going fast...

My work has been extra super busy this last month and I seem to come home, flip the automatic pilot switch to prepare tea and then flop on the sofa.
I escape in books and even though every sensible cell in my body tells me to go to bed early I have to read just one more page... Sound familiar to anyone?

Consequently I haven't had too much energy to blog.

I can just about see a chink of light at the end of March, so I think I can hold on until then.

So what's been happening down in this parts of the woods...?
In no particular order -

Gu and Tadcu have sailed away into the sunset (yes, literally) after their holiday with us. They are taking the long route home to Wales - the one that takes them around the east, south and up the west of Australia, then across the seas to Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa and Spain. Not bad eh?

We are counting down to the Easter school holidays and the chance to re-charge the batteries a bit.

Someone scraped the side of my car whilst it was parked at work! I was so cross as they didn't have the decency to leave a note. I've been scanning every white vehicle to see if I can find traces of blue paint - and there would have been blue paint! Watch out white vehicle I'm watching...

The garden has had a bit of a clear out. Twmff the cat's hiding place is now exposed so he wasn't impressed at first! Some palm trees have been cut right back exposing the light to the side rooms which is great.

This week we celebrated with some family who became true Australians. They received their citizenship certificates, lapel badges, and a tree to mark the occasion. Made me think that we should probably fill out the forms...

Sibs and I went to a secondary school open day and I was amazed how interested she was in the dissection of a rat! The smell of the formaldehyde - in an instant I was 16 again and back in my old school biology lab!
She got very excited when she saw the work on display in the English rooms. There was squealing...!
 "I definitely have to come here - they do Jane Austen!"

Ballet continues to be a part of the weekend with the occasional rugby match to finish off a Saturday evening.

State Election fever is everywhere at the moment as the votes are being cast today. The seat contested in my suburb is THE seat - Campell 'Can do' versus  'Keep' Kate! I've been amazed at the ferocity of the campaigning. Some of it has felt a little too much like a personal attack on the other candidate for my liking. I guess you need a very thick skin to be a politician? I've lost count of the number of leaflets that have been in our mail box and the number of telephone polling calls I've received these last few weeks.
On a lighter note, on the drive to work yesterady there were balloons lining the streets publicising the different political parties. There were even dogs dressed up in party colours and placard waving enthusiasts at every street corner. It will be quiet here next week.

So Friday came around with home made pizzas for tea, a glass of wine and the promise of a lie in.
Today brings a Skating Birthday Party, ten people for dinner and a sleep over.
Sunday will be quiet...oh, forgot about the swimming party in the afternoon!
Sunday evening will be quiet...

(No photos on this post - the laptop or the program doesn't want to play! I might try and upload them another time)
Have a great weekend,

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Enjoy your weekend. make the most of your daughter whilst she (and you) are young. Kids have a habit of growing up and flying the nest ...
    My son who is studying in Boulder, Colorado for a year last night announced that he now has an internship in ....JAPAN!

  2. oops.... I hit the wrong key!

    I should add that while I am ecstatic for Tom, I'm less so for myself :0(

  3. Hi Beth, you are having a busy time...and yes I do agree, the election thing gets a bit tedious in Oz...and you do start to wonder how many trees it costs in paper literature. I sympathise with you, picking a secondary school for the first time...I remember with my felt like such a responsibility to pick the right one..however, I do think there are lots of good options in Australia. We are having beautiful spring weather here in England...the daffs are out and the trees are budding...won't be long and England will be green again! I think we are expecting 18' today...woo hoo!! Have a good weekend. Robx