Monday, 19 March 2012

Well done Wales - Grand Slam 2012

I think that there will be a few sore heads in Wales this Monday morning following the weekend.
photo by Tom Jenkins

I wish I'd been there...
...not for the sore head,
but to watch and celebrate following the Welsh rugby team winning the
The Triple Crown
The 6 Nations Championship,
and the Grand Slam!

Just in case you're not Welsh or you're reading this and wondering what I'm talking about...

The 6 Nations Championship is an annual rugby competition played between Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy.

When a British Isles team (Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland) beats all other British Isles teams they claim the Triple Crown.

A Grand Slam is achieved by winning all games.

As a child in the '70 I lived through what was considered the 'glory years' or the 'golden era' of Welsh rugby.
In my mind the nation stopped when Wales played rugby. Everyone watched the game - no excuses!

I remember Saturday mornings would be spent in anticipation of kick off. We'd head off to the town to choose our own bag of pick and mix. A treat indeed - no sharing of my sweets with my younger sister for once! Most Northern Hemisphere rugby union is played during the Winter months so it was home to a warm house, the fire would be on and the sandwiches for tea and snacks would be prepared. Nothing could interrupt the afternoon once the starting whistle had gone.

I still like to make a bit of an occasion of an international rugby match even though we are the other side of the world now.

Taffy the dragon makes his appearance and we now usually watch the recorded games over breakfast without the pick and mix sweets!

However, this Saturday (my very early hours of the morning on Sunday) I couldn't wait until a respectable time to watch. Being the late owl that I am, I stayed up until the 12.45 am kick off.

The only drawback being that it was only me, Taffy and the cats.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short the game was at times tense, but the Welsh hung on and came away with a 16 - 9 victory to beat France and claim the championship.

I had to curb my was 2.30 am after all! I did let out a slight 'whoop' at the end and one of the neighbouring dogs joined in! (sorry neighbours)

photo taken from the ESPN TV coverage

I missed the whole post match discussions, I missed the familiar lilt of the Welsh commentators, I missed the sharing... I missed home...

not a spare seat..
 photo by Tom Jenkins source 

 So roll on June, when the Welsh rugby team come to Australia.
I'll be there...I might even take Taffy...!

Have a good week,

5 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh Beth! What fantastic news - no wonder your heart is swelling with pride. A superb achievement and a day for the ages! J x

  2. I was with you in spirit for this fantastic occasion. I had taken a family visit from my school to the Big Bang Science Fair at the NEC. However I did manage to see the first half Weatherspoons.
    When I arrived home I cracked open a bottle of sparkles!

  3. Hubby got offered tickets to the game but knocked them back cause he got his Saturday's mixed up...and we were in Wales on the weekend...the fool! He's kicking himself!! Robx

  4. Hi, I'm your latest follower ... I love reading about Brits in Australia! I'm actually English, but I suppose Wales did do well in the rugby! Jules x