Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter 4WD adventure.

The Easter holiday weeks are great for capturing a little of the outdoor lifestyle that Australia offers. The weather is a perfect mixture of warm sunny days and slightly cooler evenings. No humidity to tackle and we're not yet into cardigan and socks time!

Let me tell you how we are making the most of it.

In our continued effort to induct ourselves and embrace the Australian way, this week we moved swiftly from High Tea (link here) to 4 wheel driving!

A couple of years ago we bought a second car. It had very low kilometres, was in great condition and was apparently driven from home to work. It happened to be a 4WD but the closest it had (and has since) ever been off road is through a few puddles!

That changed this week...

We didn't go through puddles - they were rivers!
The road (and I use the term loosely) was a dry track with what felt like ravines with huge boulders running though it! Okay, I might be exaggerating a little for effect - but it was certainly different...

Sibs was a little subdued in the back seat and then became slightly anxious, so we were careering through the tracks with a nine year old year distracting herself by singing at the top of her voice "The sun will come out tomorrow...!"

About half way up we stopped and once she realised that the other kids in the other cars were having a ball she perked up. There was also the promise of lunch and being Easter that meant chocolate!

These were the views that greeted us as we climbed the mountain.
Miles and miles of nothing but green  - it was breathtakingly beautiful, and the photos only hint at the beauty.

At the top it was picnic time.

The snags (sausages) were put on the bbq, the children woofed down theirs and then tucked into decorated hard boiled eggs and of course plenty of the chocolate variety.

We met a few species of the local wildlife...

The snake had a very distinctive 'I've just eaten' bulge so we were very careful not to disturb it.
Thank goodness for a zoom lens...

Then it was time to descend. Thankfully, not via the same route!

The sun was beginning to set and we travelled through the countryside back to the city.

So last Easter we went olive picking, (link here) this Easter is was driving up tracks...
we'll have to get thinking for next year...

Hope you had a great Easter break.

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  1. Wow,sounded so much fun Beth, Alistair has similar plans for us in the Landrover. Its called Coast to coast route, across the country, there is a website to checkout the route?! Want to wait for nicer weather cos even though we have a land rover some of the "rivers" look a bit like the mississippi!! Your wild life is stunning, though could do without the snake!! We still in jumpers and socks!! Just bought a caravan so hoping for good summer!! Love to all wend xxx

  2. Sounds like great fun, the 4WD experience and the BBQ but not the snake!

  3. What a fantastic holiday! Takes me back to my childhood! Great memories are being made for you all!

  4. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and will happily follow.
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    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at