Thursday, 19 April 2012

Severing those ties (The Lake District)

 During these last couple of weeks we have severed our final (financial) tie with the UK.
We have sold our little getaway in the Lake District.
(deep breaths, deep breaths!).

Rydal Water between Ambleside and Grasmere

This was our place to go to switch off.
The place where we created very special memories.

Isn't it stunning?

I have been the one to hold onto it...even though I knew it didn't really make sense.
So I finally succumbed, and now after a few years of contemplation, that's it...
gone in the time it takes to sign a piece of paper!

I'm recording some photos here so that I can have one place to go to dip back into the tranquility and breathtaking beauty of the place. Just bear with me...

Ambleside wakes up...
This was the view from the living room....
Some mornings the town would be hiding under the mist and you would slowly see it emerge and come to life.

This was the view from the kitchen balcony. Straight ahead and you could see the town of Ambleside and to the left you could marvel at the mountains.

The seasons always felt as if they were enhanced in Ambleside.
When it was cold it snowed and the mountain peaks would be spectacular.
 In Autumn the lanes were completely covered in carpets of rust and gold leaves.
In Spring the daffodils would bloom and the lambs would be prancing.
In Summer....ok, let's not get carried away here...
Summer was mild and rainy... but I still loved it!

Autumn in Ambleside

When I looked back through the photos I struggled to find any where we are not all wrapped up against the elements! So maybe it was just bloomin freezing all the time! Funny how you forget how cold those winds could be...

My little girl grew up with holidays here and created these memories that will forever be captured in my heart and thankfully in precious photographs

We celebrated quite a few birthdays and special occasions there. I seem to remember that the champagne was a celebration when we sold our house just before coming to Australia.

My little Sibs got her first pair of proper shoes there. - I told you there were special memories!

She loved the swimming pool (thank goodness it was heated) and she would have to have a morning splash and an afternoon one and if she was really lucky just before dinner as well.
We lived about an hour and a half away and I would sometimes decide to take her there on a whim.
When she was really little I'd coincide it with a nap time and when she woke up there was always big excitement about going into the pool. 

Ambleside.....just the name makes me smile.

Bye, bye our little lakeland apartment.
Thank you for the best memories.
We'll be back to visit one day...soon.

11 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh that must have been difficult, it looks and sounds like a special place. The name is just lovely too :)

  2. Oh Beth! What a momentous occasion for you. It looks truly magical. No wonder you love it so. J x

  3. Lovely photos, lovely memories Beth. This area is on our list of places to see in the U.K. It looks stunning. Have a great weekend...I'm heading back downunder. Robx

  4. wow what great views.Looks like Ambleside will always have a place in your heart and mind. Love the name of Ambleside too, it even sounds relaxing when you say it out loud.

  5. Hi Beth!
    You know that having a little holiday house is one of my wishes? I can imagine you not wanting to let it go, I hold on to our house in holland for 4 years before we rented it out, it just stood there empty waiting for us to use it once a year.... but a holiday home we would use more, loved the memories you've made and that view is great! at least you have the photo's right?
    Also, the spider post, wow, I quite like spiders so this one is huge! Love the sideway photo, beautiful!
    Now, it's off to bed for me, have a good weekend honey,
    Maureen xx

  6. I can understand why you held onto it Beth, it is so beautiful and you do have so many special memories from being there. I am so pleased that I found your lovely blog. Have a lovely weekend xx

  7. The Lake District is such a beautiful spot - I had a few family holidays there when I was a kid and have fond memories. No wonder you will be sad to let it go....and its funny but I was reading your post at a time when Im thinking of packing up shop in Australia and heading home. Im homesick big time.


  8. I do love the lake district. What a lovely place. Well done for taking that leap.

  9. What a truly magical place. I can understand why that was hard to part with but letting it go will open up many more opportunities for you Beth :)

  10. It must have been hard to make that decision. What beuatiful photos, both of the lakes and of your happy times. The Lake District is a wonderful place, we have only visited once for two weeks a couple of years ago in the summer, but we loved it - the spectacular mountina scenery and beautiful lakes, the pretty lakeside villages and more bustling towns - wonderful scenery everywhere.
    Thank your sharing these Beth - and you can always go back to visit.
    Thanks for your birthday wishes for Bella!

    Gill xx

  11. A difficult decision but I am sure it is one that you thought long and hard about and you will always have your happy memories and these lovely photos.