Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy crying and other weekend stuff.

Someone turned down the thermostat overnight and we woke to a chilly Brisbane this morning. It was a scramble to find the uggs boots to be able to get out of bed. I smile when I hear Sibs complain how freezing it is as I check the thermometer and it's 12 degrees... It will soon rise into the 20's during the day, but she went to school looking as if she was going on an Arctic expedition!

So before I tackle the mountain of chores that awaits after a week of just doing the essentials (school fete really does take over), I have to record a few things from the weekend.

Saturday was as full on as expected, but good fun. I think I was on my feet for most of the 10 hours. The sun shone and the local community came out in their thousands to support the school. There were many highlights to the day but the huge anticipation of the event - the fact that Sibs was tall enough to go on The Dominator....well, it never happened! 
My poor girl. By the time she plucked up the courage the queue was so long....and one thing after another meant that she never quite made it. I don't think it really mattered, she certainly enjoyed her day without it.

I mentioned that there had been some secret planning for Mother's Day.
Well I have to say that my girl reduced me to happy crying.
She had telephoned a local coffee shop and booked a table for the two of us.
All by herself...

placing the order and paying for mother's day breakfast.

It was special...really special.

Before all of that, I had to stay in bed whilst Sibs and her friend (who was sleeping over) clattered and pottered about in the kitchen. There was lots of giggles...
Eventually I was allowed out and had to follow the arrows to this -

mother's day table

best chocolate cake - EVER!

As I had been baking up until Friday night there were no eggs in the fridge, but a cake was made anyway!

I didn't care that it was made egg less! It was fabulous!

We had a late tapas lunch in Paddington with some friends
and then Sibs and I went to watch the Queensland Reds rugby.

It was a great game (although pretty tense at times)
and a win for the Reds finished off the best Mother's day.

Caru ti Sibsy x

7 Comments and thoughts:

  1. oh what a lovely Mother's day you had. Love that Sibs made the booking and paid for it. I bet she felt grown up and special being able to treat mum. Her cake looked amazing. Sob sob the chiefs lost, oh well onwards and upwards. It looked like a fun Reds event :-). Wow the school fete sounds like such a cool fundraising event. I bet you dont want to see biscotti and welsh cakes again in a hurry.

  2. Oh Beth! Sibs is such a treasure. What a wonderful job of mothering her you're doing if this is an example of how she wants to display her love for you. I'm delighted for you, Lovely. J x

  3. That is just too lovely. I can fully understand the happy sad crying. That cake looks brilliant - I imagine it would be especially good with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. I bought some yummy biscotti on Saturday - I wonder if it was yours. It has some lemon zest in it.

  4. What an absolute treasure your daughter is Beth :)

  5. It looks like you had an wonderful mothers day - your daughter is so lovely! I giggled when I read that Subs didn't go on the dominator... after all that!

    On a separate note - I can't recommend NT/Uluru more highly - it's an amazing experience and absolutely unlike any other. I know I'm Australian but I promise I'm not biased... much!

  6. It looks like she went to a huge amount of effort for you. What a beautiful daughter you are raising!

  7. Your daughter is a precious girl who obviously adores her beautiful Mum.