Friday, 11 May 2012

School fete weekend

My kitchen was a biscotti factory on Tuesday...
It was a Welshcake factory this evening...

A few weeks ago it was a jam making factory...

I'm bushed!

It's school fete tomorrow and whilst I have been busy making, baking and preparing, Sibs has been getting herself  beyond excited. You see, this year she will be tall enough to go on all the rides - even the scary ones!

We've gone through the rules of the day a few times - no leaving the school grounds, one can of fizzy drink only, not too many sweets etc, etc but all she can talk about is 'The Dominator' -
which apparently is THE ride of the  moment.
School fetes are massive operations here - full blown fairground rides massive!

After the craziness of a full day at the fete we will be celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday.

I have been instructed to be ready to go out at 9.45am.
Sibs has been making secretive phone calls this week and has organised something that I don't know about. Then we are meeting some friends for a late lunch before heading off for a mother and daughter outing to watch the Queensland Reds rugby in the afternoon.

It's going to be a bit busy I think...!
I'm just catching a minute with a quiet cuppa and a welshcake before heading up the wooden hill to bed.

These two have made themselves quite comfortable in my bed this evening.
Move over...I'm on my way.

Happy weekend.

6 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh busy weekend indeed! Enjoy the school fete. It's such fun for the children. So impressed by all your baking! xx

  2. wow you have had a busy weekend making the welsh cakes and biscotti. Enjoy the fete today. What a nice mothers day you will be having. BTW the Q reds are playing my home team the "Chiefs". Even though I moved 19 years ago I still support them when it comes to rugby. Go the chiefs..... :-)

  3. Those welshcakes look really good....nothing like them is there!! Have fun!!

  4. .....and I have been making Welsh Cakes for Lucy and the other members of Dexys (Dexy's Midnight Runners) while on tour!!! Cofion cynnes Bethan a'r teulu, wyt ti'n brysur rhwng pobpeth!xxx

  5. That fair sounds like so much fun. Can adults go? ;) Rest up, it sounds like you've got a big weekend in front of you.

  6. That is so impressive, Beth! You clever mama. I hope it was a smashing success. J x