Tuesday, 8 May 2012


It's not a very inspiring blog post title is it?
But you know what...? Some days are just what they are - a day.
Some weeks lots of exciting and interesting things happen
and other times it's just everyday life kind of a day.

Today  is one of those days.

Tuesday is one of my days. I don't go to work on a Tuesday.

I get to enjoy a me day on a Tuesday.

There's still the morning  routine of getting to school on time, and everything that goes on behind the scenes to make that happen, but once I walk out of school assembly.....

I have started a new yoga class with a new teacher on a Tuesday morning and it really sets me up for the day. Four of us have got together and we are going back to basics and re-learning all the things that you try and pick up in a larger class and hope that you're doing it right.
Who would have thought that standing up could take such concentration?
By the end of the hour my body feels relaxed and my mind is clear and focused. I get the best night's sleep on a Tuesday too.

Before I get to sink into my bed what else fills a day? 
  • Today I watched my girl play recorder at school assembly then picked up boxes and ribbons for the baking that I'm doing for the mega school fete next weekend.
  • I did the weekly shop in the supermarket, the fruit and veg shop and the butchers. Came home, unpacked the groceries, grabbed some cheese and crackers, got a swimming bag ready and a snack box and picked up Sibs from school.
  • Straight off to a swimming lesson, home for some tea, oversaw some maths homework.
  • Dropped her back at school for an extra strings ensemble rehearsal for the fete (told you it was a big week).
  • Home for an hour and started to make 6 batches of biscotti....
  • Back to school to pick up, home,made some toast and a glass of milk, kissed goodnight and finished off the biscotti.
It's cooling as I type and should be ready to be sliced and cooked for the second time in a minute.

Just everyday life...

Happy Tuesday.

7 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Biscotti, yumm! I see you also like Lindt chocolate (we live 10 min away from the factory) good choice! Sleep well,
    Maureen x

  2. Sounds a typical busy day being a Mum, even an "ordinary" day is busy isn't it!
    How lovely to have some biscotti baking!
    Gill xx

  3. I normally have Tuesdays off too but like you they disappear quickly. It's good you are finding time for yoga. I can't seem to settle enough to do that as I feel I have too much to do.
    I hope the fete goes well x

  4. Gotta l love "me days". Wow that is some serious baking for the school fete. Yum at biscotti, would you consider sharing the recipe?

  5. Beth it sounds like your day off is a lovely combination of you time and fitting in all the stuff that has to be done. I love that you make the time for yoga. xx

  6. Happy Tuesday!!!! (...hate to say it is my busiest and most difficult day of the week! once i get through it though the rest of the week flies!) x

  7. Hi Beth, even your day off is frantic. I do not know how mum's who have 4 or 5 children of differing ages, with all their various activities do it! Loving the coffee and lindor.......mmmmm. Love Linda x