Friday, 8 June 2012

Just catching up...

(For the second time in just over 12 hours I've lost a post! Thankfully I had saved this one on a memory stick as my blogger account is doing funny things. I also noticed last night that the commnts that I was leaving on posts don't seem to be there? Time for a bit of an upgrade I think. Anyhow, this is the 2nd (saved) version that I wrote late last night...)

I just lost a whole post!! No idea where it is - tried everything!
So now I'm a bit cranky and tired...

Anyhow, it was mainly about what's been going on here during the last week.

There was some mention of Neil's jet lag...'poor thing' just getting over jet lag after returning from Europe and then flying in the opposite direction to the States. Thankfully no visa or passport dramas this time though!

Then there was a bit of sofa talk...

Mother, these photos are for you.

I recounted the dramatic pause in the conversation when I told my mum during an earlier telephone conversation that the new sofas were white....

"White...? Oh, they'll be quite striking then?"

Then I went on a bit about my gathering of girls that came to the house last Sunday and the sofas survived the coffee, tea, cake and chocolate brownies!

What else...?

Oh yes, I talked about the cold weather, finding my ugg boots, our broken TV, some soups that we've tried - mushroom and sherry, lentil and smoked bacon....Sibs coming second in her 200 m sprint at school sport day....Getting excited about going to see the Wallabies v Wales this Saturday night....

Then I shared my addiction exploration of instagram and the photo a day that I'm doing that's being prompted by another blogger Chantelle from Fatmumslim

I think that was about it...?

Fingers crossed that I can save this version.

Until next time,

8 Comments and thoughts:

  1. I thought I was going mad, cos a post appeared in Google reader but when I clicked on it to read, it said no post exsisted. Glad you overcame the challenges and got the post saved and published. Grrrr at technology aye.

    The couches look fab. Go Wales......must say I was shocked that Scotland beat the wallabies the other night. We face Ireland this weekend.

  2. Oh Beth it is such a pain when blogger does stupid things like that! I like your recap though and I love your new sofas. They look fantastic. Have a great weekend. xx

  3. Love your couches! They're lovely. Do the covers come off for a wash? I changed mine the other day and they'll need a big soak in the bath to get all the grot off them - I'll blame the dog for that :)
    Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Your living room is beautiful Beth. I put washable white throws on my white sofas but mostly because the pooch likes to lie on them in the sun.
    Don't fear you're not alone with the Instagram addiction.

  5. Ma'r soffas yn smart iawn Bethan x

  6. Your living area looks amazing! Love the colours in there. Hope fully you won't lose this post! I have been so slack blogging lately, busy but distracted by Instagram! So many lovely images, so little time! Have a nice restful weekend! X

  7. I had the same trouble on Wordpress so now I do my posts in a word document and paste them into Wordpress when I'm ready. That way I have a record of what I've written too. Oh, and I love your timber floors!

  8. Oh dear I feel for you, at times like that you tend to wonder if all this is worth it don't you. Anyway I am pleased to be here catching up after my own computer issues.