Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Quick post about rugby and pasta!

It's the day after a long weekend here.
The clothes line has been full of towels and bed sheets after a full and busy and people filled time.

We went to watch the Wallabies v Wales rugby union on Saturday night and managed to find a few other Welshies to come along! Sibs was a dual supporter and donned her (free) yellow jumpsuit to support the Australians and accessorised with a Welsh hat and flag.....oh, and not forgetting the pink handbag!

She certainly got noticed!

As a Welsh supporter it wasn't a great result, but we enjoyed the night anyway.

I was chatting to a friend this morning about the game and commenting how safe I felt. Even travelling home on (free) public transport at 10pm.  Brisbane is a good city.

So it was a full house at ours and we had a leisurely late bbq breakfast on Sunday.
Then the kids went out to play cricket and I pottered and prepared some pasta ready to be rolled and shaped for tea.

Sibs waiting for the tagliatelle - not realising that
I had to roll it flat a few times first.

Simply and very tasty. I need to remember that it's quite easy to make pasta. I use a Jamie Oliver recipe of 5 fresh free range eggs to 500g plain flour. That's it! Just mix and knead, cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for about an hour and that amount will feed about 6 people. I usually half it for the three of us, and that's more than enough, and then freeze the remaining dough to be rolled another time. It takes a few minutes to cook and tastes so much nicer than packet dried pasta. I've only mastered spaghetti once and I think the trick is to use extra flour quite liberally when rolling to keep the dough pretty dry so that it doesn't stick to the cutters.

Yesterday was a bit of a rainy day so we stayed indoors and moved furniture around....as you do! 
The playroom got a huge clearout which was very satisfying. I'll load the photos and share later this week.

I think I have sorted out my blogger problems. Just in case others are having problems - I uploaded Google Chrome and it seems to be working ok now. 

Have a good one,

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