Monday, 25 June 2012

On my doorstep

Do you know your neighbourhood and your suburb really well?
Do you know the houses and the streets around your home?

I thought I did until a few days ago...

...until I took a right turn instead of a left turn and ended up changing our usual Sunday walking route.
 All of this was literally on my doorstep - and I had no idea.
So for the benefit of all my non Australian friends, come and have a look at my little corner of the world.

This is a shot of some Golden Wattle that was flowering in abundance in the front gardens of many of the homes that we passed.. It's the floral emblem of Australia and is pretty striking.

Our walk took us through some woodland and bushland up a mountain and down the other side.
There were Kookaburras in the trees and lizards in the bushes!

It seems that every corner you turn here there's a play park, and they are all beautifully maintained.

Where there's a park there is usually some shelter and the good old Aussie BBQ. These are communal gas BBQ and you just bring your food, cook away, give it a wipe clean and you're done.

During the warmer months you'll often see families and groups of people around these BBQ enjoying breakfasts through to dinner. The shelters are decorated for birthday parties and celebrations and the best spots get snapped up at dawn! It was all quiet on Sunday - I must remember that it's Winter.

So after a couple of hours it was time to wander home. There were a few blisters so off came the shoes for the last stretch. The promise of a cup of tea and freshly baked chocolate and macadamia brownies on the front deck was just enough the keep the troops going.

We are enjoying a couple of weeks of Winter school holidays here.
Maybe we should explore what's on our doorstep a bit more?

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Hi Beth!
    This was so nice to read, gives me a little view of your area. If we live in Dubai, Oz is "only" 13 hours away, so I might finally get there next year! Thanks for sharing this, sorry I have been absent lately but I have a lot on my plate. I will pop in from time to time, hugs,

  2. Well your winter is much more pleasant than ours in Wellington, New Zealand. Nice to go exploring in your own backyard so to speak. when I was activly walking (training for a half marathon). I would traipse the streets of our community and it was more interesting you see so much more than what you do in a car.

  3. How funny. Love the photo of your 'Aussie' daughter barefoot in winter. Bet she's not bare foot today - it's freezing!