Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rainy day thoughts on ballet.

I'm sitting in my car alternating between flicking through a magazine and browsing on my phone. The rain is lashing down on the roof. Before the windows steamed up I noticed that I was surrounded by other cars with mothers doing just the same.

I'm a dance mum today. My girl is on her third and last day of ballet school. She is loving it, truly enjoying every minute.
I'm not quite so sure...

I'm not a 'real' dance mum you see. I don't fit that mould. I'm extremely proud of my little dancing Sibs, but I don't live and breath ballet.

It's raining today - absolutely pouring. We came to ballet school in our rain coats and wellies. We were met by other ladies in heels and dresses - I kid you not! There is glamour and glitz in abundance. I wish I could have sneaked some photos!

The lacquer and shiny clips securing the pristine hairbuns is breathtaking - literally!

So I'm surrounded by these other mums. Some are just like me, wondering what this is all about. Others are....well, let's just say, different.

I have to get out of my car shortly. Walk through the mud and wait outside the door to pick up my smiley girl.

I'll be dressed for the walk!

(blogging from my car on a rainy day so when I press publish I have no idea what this post will look like!)

7 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Hi Beth:) Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi I enjoy meeting new bloggers. It is such a miserable day today isn't it! I used to be a dance Mum, my big girl has stopped now but I do remember those Mums you talk about. Some people take it very seriously, for me it was just about her having fun and doing what she enjoyed most. These days she goes to guides, much more relaxed and a lot less pick up times too. I hope when you go home you get to have a nice warm cup of tea and cake. x

  2. There is nothing wrong with breaking the mould Beth :)
    I remember flicking through the channels one day and seeing the shorts for some dance show in the States. The girls were only very young and the mothers were full on arguing about whose daughter was the better dancer...I was shocked!

  3. I had a wee giggle at this, sounds like the mums are more of a betty bunhead than thier daughters. Really heels on a wet and cold day, lol I am afraid I would be like you and far more practical. I guess it takes all sorts though.

  4. Well the post from the car seems to have worked ok. I was a ballet Mum for awhile when our girls were little and I remember how seriously it was taken!

  5. I was one too but never conformed to the stereotype.

    "to thine own self be true" is probably a near quotation, taken completely out of context but for some reason it seems fitting!

  6. It was the same when my girls were gymnasts. I remember the first big regional competition we went to, where a place at states was on the cards. One poor little girl injured herself on her first apparatus and her mother was so angry because she couldn't do vault, which then meant she wouldn't qualify. I couldn't believe her reaction. It was like the mother was going to miss out on being a star! I'd rather be like you than that mother...

  7. I did ballet myself but my daughter never showed any inclination to dance, phew! It is interesting how something so joyous and beautiful for happy, innocent young girls can somehow be used by parents to satisfy their own egos and sense of competitiveness.... enjoy your daughter dancing as long as you can, I think every heeled woman in the room will be eyeing your gumboots with envy wishing they could be wearing some too! X