Monday, 2 July 2012

A day of culture starting with chocolate!

Doesn't this look like the best start you can imagine to a week?

 ...well it was!

Sibs and I met up with some friends who introduced us to the wonder that is 'Max Brenner'.
Where have I been all this time??

We sat outside in the sunshine and tucked into the most amazing Italian Hot Chocolate; one of the largest and yummiest croissants; followed by strawberries with even more warm melted chocolate. Truly a treat.

It's the second week of the Winter school holidays and after a reasonably quiet first week we have upped the pace! Following this rather extravagant morning tea stop, Sibs and I headed off to the Queensland Museum to visit "The Secrets of the Tomb" exhibition. If you are thinking of visiting - book your tickets online. We walked straight in passing the rather long queue snaking its way in the entrance.

After a viewing of a 3D film you are then able to walk around the artefacts including some mummies that are 3000 years old. I spent my honeymoon in Egypt and remember the fascination of visiting the tombs on the banks of the Nile and the spectacular temples and obelisks. I was telling Sibs about some of the things that I learnt during that trip and she now believes that I am an expert in all things Egyptian...

A quick refreshment at the State Library next door to the museum and we then headed to GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). 

We can spend hours in this place just wandering and marvelling at the talent. There is usually a kids activity centre during school holidays and we found ourselves making paper birds and nests this afternoon.

Just to finish off, we wandered through the Art Gallery, but the sugar hit of the morning chocolate had started to wear off and we were a little tired by this time...

So a rather busy Monday here.

Have a good week,

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic day out! I like the sounds of the Egyptian exhibition as like many people, it's a place that fascinates me.
    How good does GOMA look? I'd love to see it one day :)

    1. GOMA is always a delight Sarah. You'll have to come to Brisbame and see for yourself one day.

  2. Beth you are making me hungry with all these photos of scrumptious morning teas here and on Instagram!

    1. I know! You'd think that I do nothing else but drink coffee and eat!

  3. What a perfect start to an amazing day A good breakfast and art well in my simple mind there is nothing better! ;}


  4. Came over to your blog from Michelle at home love and life - really enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. What a yummy way to start a lovely day! X

  6. What a great day out! You guys could probably run a marathon on that breakfast!

  7. I once popped into a Max Brenner cafe at the Gold Coast and had strawberries and choc dip...very fact unforgettable!

  8. I try to limit my trips to Max Brenner as it's all so delicious. There is a rumour in our suburb that a Max Brenner is coming into a new development in the cafe strip that we have - if it's true it will be both good (self explanatory) and bad (waistline) I suspect. Isn't GOMA wonderful - we love it too. Fx