Monday, 23 July 2012

germs, ballet, baking and catching up!

Here we go...another week...

just chilling on Sunday under the watchful eye of nurse Modlen the cat

There's been a few germs lurking around here recently which has resulted in a bit of lethargy and a few dramatics! For the first few years after we emigrated I was a little smug that we seemed to be consistently avoiding the winter lurgy! Well, I think the immune system that we'd built up after numerous freezing cold Winters has finally been broken... This is now the sniffly, spluttering and coughing house!

Sibs was off school today and thankfully that seems to have done her some good - oh, and the fact that she has graciously passed on all germs to her mother! I'm waiting for the cats to start sneezing next as they have been proper little nurse maids these last few days. Funny how their sixth sense kicks in when an owner is a little off colour.

Thankfully all was well at the end of last week as it was ballet exam day on Friday. 

first ever ribbons on ballet shoes

This was the first time that Sibs had worn ribbons on her ballet shoes - the anticipation and excitement was almost unbearable. You could sense the pride...

We continued on the tradition (started last year) of going out for a girly lunch after the exam. This year Sibs chose a sushi lunch followed by a rather large ice cream/gelato dessert. 

post ballet exam lunch

It was a great start to the weekend. 

I did a bit of baking on Saturday...

jam and coconut slice, lemon drizzle and chocolate muffins

Then we headed out to watch the Queensland Reds rugby game at Suncorp on Saturday night...and that's when the germs found us!

So it's been chicken soup for tea and early to bed for Sibs. That's where I should probably be heading. I stayed up to watch the last double episode of Downton Abbey last night...what will I do on a Sunday night from now on??

Here's to a healthy week,


8 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Sorry to hear the dreaded germs have found their way to your house Beth. Best wishes for speedy recoveries. When I'm sick I love how my pet curls up beside me, hard to explain but I find this so comforting.

  2. Chicken soup works every time. I'm with you on Sundays - what do I watch now?

  3. Ah ballet exams, I wish your daughter well in the exams and hope you all feel better soon.

  4. I hope you are all starting to feel a little better by now!

  5. Hi Beth, sorry I've been a little absent lately...had a little madly trying to catch up...I know what those bugs are like...the first year here in England we all came down with every bug that Dan brought home from resistance...we usually don't get sick in Oz...seems to have settled down now that we've been here nearly 3 years. I am assuming that you have just seen the xmas special of Downton Abbey that aired here last December...isn't it a great show...we're all waiting patiently for the new series which I think will be aired early Autumn. Hope you're feeling better. Robx

  6. I am in catch up mode at the moment too... enjoy those special ballet milestones, they are to be cherished! x

  7. Hi Beth!
    Catching up are my new words of the month! Just read some posts I had missed here, btw I'm with you on wellies on a rainy day vs. heels, what's that all about?! Anyhoo, sorting to do here, movers are coming Monday, plane leaves Saturday for Dubai, so will talk later ok? Hope the germs have flown the house by now, hugs honey,
    Maureen x

  8. Beth I find for my family that the best thing we can do on those cold winter days is eat warm foods. Warm foods tend to give us energy and make us think were in summer time.