Monday, 16 July 2012

Chocolate Brownies

 It's no secret that I enjoy baking and there will usually be a cake or two in this house.

There are a few tried and tested favourites that I whip up without thinking.... Lemon Syrup Cake, Chocolate Cake, Banana Bread to mention just a few.

(My belief is the more I make, the better my case for a super duper mixer! Neil, if you're reading this, those Kitchen Aid ones are the best!! - in white please?!)

Anyway, I digress...

Recently I have been getting some serious compliments for the Chocolate Brownies that I occasionally make and as they always turn out just right I thought I would share the recipe. It's based on one that Nigella it's not something that you would care to eat daily! This is - it has chocolate, butter and sugar!

I have tried various chocolate brownie recipes. Some are quite cake like and others are crunchier and almost biscuit like. This one definitely falls into the cake variety.

200g chocolate (I usually use Lindt 70%)
225g butter
2 tsp vanilla extract
200g caster sugar
3 eggs beaten
150g ground almonds ( I sometimes mix in some ground hazelnuts to make up 150g)
100g macadamia nuts (or anything else that you fancy)
I sometimes throw in some extra chocolate drops if I have any.

Melt butter and chocolate over low heat.
Mix in sugar and vanilla and allow to cool  a little
Add beaten eggs, almonds and nuts.
Stir and transfer to a 24cm (or thereabouts) baking tin.

Bake in a 170degree oven for about 30 mins until the top is set.
The centre will still be slightly gooey.

Once cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar, cut into squares and put most of it in the freezer...otherwise it will all be eaten really quickly!

These brownies can suit a gluten free diet, just make sure to check on the chocolate and the icing sugar.

6 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Keep hinting for that Kitchenaid. It took me years but I finally got mine last Christmas - gunmetal silver!

  2. Yum! These look delicious. How handy that they can be frozed too. I hope you get your wish for a Kitchenaid!

  3. All these treats look delicious Beth. I envisage a Kitchen Aid in your future.

  4. Lucky you, I don't
    dare keep all these
    goodies in the house
    or I couldn't leave
    them alone!! I haven't
    tried backing with ground
    almonds, but I do love
    almond milk, so I bet
    the are fab. Hope you
    are enjoying a lovely
    week. It's been a lot
    of fun following you on

    xo Suzanne

  5. I hear you about the KitchenAid. I've been dropping hints for years. The house that we house-sat last year while renovating had a red KitchenAid and I think I found an excuse to use it almost every day. Despite that, the man of the house still didn't see the value of it.... I'll keep dreaming and hinting! White or silver would be my choice. Fx

  6. Lovely use of chocolate. It would be super if you linked this post in to Food on Friday : Chocolate