Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Guess the purchase

I made the most of today and savoured my time.
I'm back to routine tomorrow...back to work after spending the last two weeks 
on a slow pace enjoying the time with my girl for the school holidays.

Sibs was back at school yesterday so I did the usual catch up at home. I even cleaned the oven!
 I was already feeling pretty shattered after a couple of silly late nights watching the Wimbledon finals so coupled with a day of housework it was bed at an unheard of 8.30pm for me. (That's about four hours earlier than I usually retire!) I must admit I definitely felt better for it this morning. 

So I started my Tuesday with a yoga session then it was a quick coffee 
before a day of browsing and mooching.

I bought a couple of things that I want to share....just for a bit of fun.

Have a guess what these two things are?

If you look closely at the cassette tape you'll spot a familiar cut out....
...for the iPhone camera?

It's my new iPhone case!

I'm constantly dismantling my current case in order to use the phone in a docking station 
and this one is flexible and just pops off - perfect.

Any guesses on the other?

What about now...?

It's cute little tea infuser!

It's amazing what you find when you're not looking for anything...
and they came in at a whopping $11 - for both!

(iPhone case $5, Tea infuser $6 - both from Office Works)

Have a good week,

10 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Great bargains there!Wouldnt have guessed what they were either!
    How stange to hear of your school hols being over when ours have yet to start! That must have taken some getting used to when you moved out there!
    Have a great week Beth

  2. Very fun. Also, staying up late watching Wimbleton sounds fun too. I'm not much of a tennis person, but everytime Wimbleton comes around, I wish I were.

  3. I guessed the tea infuser as I have a few that look like fruit lol, and they are so cute and cool. I use them mainly in summer for ice tea. The tape threw me and I like what it does, very cool.

  4. I guessed the tape but the tea infuser stumped me! Enjoy your new purchases. Great to inject a bit of colour without breaking the bank!

  5. You can find some great knick knacks at Officeworks - it's a bit of a trap. How cute is your tea infuser, I didn't guess what it was. I have been enjoying that very same tea lately in fact I have one right now :)

  6. My son's girlfriend has the same phone case in black. The first time I saw it lying around I could of sworn it was a cassette tape. Hope being back at work is bearable and lovely.

  7. Ha! I thought they were both novelty erasers!! I love a fun bargain! xx

  8. Good buys! I think I've started collecting tea infusers after buying some in New York. They have little teapots and things on the end of them. Yoga and coffee sounds like a good way to start the day. Have a lovely weekend.. Rachael xx

  9. I had no idea what these were.

    It is odd to think of school starting now but how quickly we forget. I lived in Australia many years ago and my memories are all fond.

    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  10. What cute things, please may I have them both :)