Monday, 20 July 2015

School holiday nurturing

Winter school holidays have come and gone. I must say that those three weeks arrived at just the right time to stop and get ourselves together mid year. 

At the start of the holidays a word kept popping up in my head....nurture

I just kept on feeling that I wanted to wrap myself and Sibs up and just look after her in the best motherly way that I could. 
It was possibly a subconscious guilt to being away for a month when I went overseas and then observing the pressure she seemed to have with lots of end of term tests and assignments. Whatever it was I knew that these holidays would be spent pretty close to home with enough lazy days to intersperse the activities. 

So there was plenty of baking and sampling of warm bread and the freezer filled up nicely with a selection of cakes courtesy of  HERMAN.

As per usual when I have some down time I started on a new crochet project. I find the rhythm of a ripple stitch sooo relaxing and even though I have no pattern or real idea of what the finished project will look like, I'm just adding rows after rows and watching it grow.

Wimbledon was on which meant late, late nights in front of the TV. The cats were always by my side even though they were not too interested in the tennis and I think they just enjoyed the warmth and company.

I've probably said it before and will probably say it every year, but Winter is glorious in Queensland. It's not really cold even though we like to pretend it is and whip out the Ugg boots and woolies when the temperature threatens to hover into single figures. On a trip to the supermarket one morning Sibs and I were slightly confused about the weather with one of us in open Birkis and the other in Uggs and a fleece!

I can remember the best Winter days back home would be the ones where the sun would occasionally make an appearance. There is something so lovely about cold crisp air and sunshine. I think that's why I adore these months here. The sun is almost always out during Winter and we don't get those dreary grey wet days. 

One of those sunny lazy afternoons after a yoga class, Sibs and I decided that we would tidy up our little herb and salad patch. We planted the usuals and have given kale a try. It's looking a little sad at the moment and I'm not sure if we're overwatering it. That word nurture again....

There have been some fun activities during these holidays too and I was on duty one evening at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre when Sibs and some friends went to watch 5 Seconds of Summer. I swear at one point that when the doors were open I could identify her scream! That girl could wake the dead!! I adore the role of quiet observer and listener and the journey to and from the concert had me smiling all the way just taking in the excited chatter from the girls.

On one rather dreary day we took a day trip to Byron Bay and watched the rain clouds pass over the beach and sea.

We always try and fit in a theatre visit and this time it was to see Deep Blue perform India Stories at the New Farm Powerhouse. Those musicians were so engaging to watch. They filled the stage with beautiful music, movement and images and it was a great evening.

One afternoon we had an invite up the mountain for a get together lunch with some friends. Three mothers, five daughters just relaxing. Soup and salads for lunch, a bottle of red, girls playing outside with the goats, then tea and cake. Couldn't ask for a better way to spend a few hours. 

Sibs then had a few days away camping with her dad, uncles and cousin and I seriously chilled. I kept on thinking about some jobs and chores, but this little spot on my front veranda kept whispering 
"stop, nurture, slow down."

So I did.

For the last week of the holidays I was to go back to work. I only managed a day as I had to bring forward a planned hospital stay. Nothing serious, just some wisdom teeth extractions that got a bit complicated.
Don't know if I'm getting softer with age but boy it was painful and prolonged. My face was so swollen I thought I would pop and the bruising ended up down my neck!

So that's it. A few weeks of self care, slowing down, some lazy days and catching up.
Happy days.

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