Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Some images from Minjerribah - Stradbroke Island

This is a photo post with a few sparse words here and there.

A few weeks ago Sibs went away camping to Stradbroke Island known locally as Straddie, or to give it its aboriginal name - Minjerribah.  It's an island just off the coast of Brisbane and it takes 25 minutes to get to via the passenger ferry or 45 minutes via the vehicle ferry. 

I don't really do camping.... so I stayed at home.

I knew that I would miss out on the beautiful views and tranquility of the sun, sea and sand, but sand in tents and I just don't get on! So with the instructions of "have fun, take care and lots of photos" I waved her off. 

She got to spend time with her cousin, her uncles and her dad and she swam, sand surfed, fished, cooked around the camp fire, walked, talked and took a hundred and one photos!

Sibs planned to write a blog about Straddie so I asked her to choose some photos and I uploaded them and left them in a draft post.  However, life got in the way and things like homework and socialising kept eating into her time so the photos have just been sitting here. 

I wanted to write a blog post myself this week but the words just didn't come to me. That sometimes happens. There's lots going on in my head at 1am and by the next day....nothing!

So I'm just going to take advantage of these images. It seems a shame not to share them.

This is Winter in my little corner of the world. Not bad is it?

 photo dbb2da21-529c-4ff9-a473-ba34a9a441ca.png

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  1. Wow! Beautiful photos! I'd love to take a nap in that hammock (or 'stomach' as my 4 year old daughter calls it!) on the beach. Bliss! x x