Thursday, 23 December 2010

Learning to sew


Yesterday my girl decided that she wanted to learn how to sew. I don't really know where this came from, but she wanted to "make something with the sewing machine". Perhaps she felt sorry for the machine hidden under a pile of papers in the study?! We fitted a visit to Spotlight (fabric, crafts etc shop) into our busy schedule with a promise of a sewing lesson the next day.

The rain was here again today so we decided that it was a staying at home day. First was the obligatory Play School viewing where Sibs played along to 'Twinkle Twinkle little star' on her violin. (Brought a bit of a lump to my throat to see how proud she was doing this.)

We then tackled the holiday sort out of her wardrobe. All clothes sorted into 'keep', 'throw' or 'too small' piles. That took a bit longer than planned as a certain little Miss kept on finding other things to do....15 mins to brush her teeth....I don't think so! The bribe treat of sewing just about kept her going.
I left her to finish off whilst I was preparing a spot of lunch, and caught her having a quiet 5 mins rest....her excuse was that she was keeping Modlen the cat company!

So this afternoon the sewing machine came out and I tried to rack my brain how to thread the thing whilst all the time trying to look completely 'in control'! A bit of practice and we were off...

Christmas heart decorations

Sibs loved it! She came up with the ideas and spent ages sewing a little pocket onto one of the hearts. I used pinking scissors to help her to gauge where to put each stitch and she did a great job. What patience! I'm a very impatient person when it comes to most things crafty and whilst I enjoy the process, I also want to see the end product as quickly as possible. A couple of times Sibs commented that a stitch wasn't quite right and could I unpick it so that she could do it again... I think I'll be passing all things sewing related in her direction in a few years! (I hope she doesn't look too closely at the bunting I made for her bedroom!!)

the finished products proudly hanging on the tree

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  1. Oh, Beth! That's just gorgeous. I wish my mum had had that patience. That said, I know how hard it is to be patient with littlies - they like to work at their own pace, don't they! Bravo you, Mummy, for making the effort. J x


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