Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Boat House or a House Boat?

Isn't this a great spot to sit with a nice drink and watch the world go by?

That's where I was on Sunday afternoon.

I must admit my afternoon wasn't quite so idyllic as the photo would suggest. Sibs was in and out of the kayak, fishing off the jetty, constantly wanting to show me this and that, running around looking for firewood with her cousin, asking if she could have yet another strawberry...

Anyhow, come and have a look at this little boat house...

The land that I'm standing on to take this shot is being developed
and the story goes that this will be one of the last little boat houses on this shore.
'Council' won't let anyone build anything this close to the water any more.
I hope that the new owners keep it when they build their home.
If it was for sale and if I had the money I would snap it up...
Wouldn't it be so perfect for a weekend escape?

It's pretty well hidden when you approach from the land.
Once you explore a little further, this is what you see.

It just has that comfortable run down look. A place that has lived a little.
I used to be a fan of pristine - a wooden deck had to be well oiled and looked after.
Now I see that wood needs to be like this - grey and worn, and full of character.

A pristine painted door would look so out of place.
 The worn paintwork, chips and scratches make it so much more appealing?

I'm guessing that this is a gutting table for the fish?
I'm not sure how much fish gutting I would be able to do...?

I would be much happier sitting with novel in hand just watching.

Not a bad view...?

I could happily sit and keep an eye on my girl having fun in the water.

So from boat house to house boat...
There are a few house boats on this river and the one below is for sale.

House boats reminds me a little of the film "Sleepless in Seattle". I went to see the house boat used in that movie when I visited Seattle some years ago and it just looked like a real house on the waterfront.
There would be something quite different about waking each morning surrounded by water.
Not sure it's quite for me though. I think the constant motion would be a bit much.

If I had to choose I'd opt for the little boat house.
Ahh, well, a girl can dream...

8 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Hi Beth..Lisbeth in Norway lives in a house right on the water too..in fact it is so close it is just outside her windows. Her link is www.lisbethsinlilleverden.blogspot.com she has a beautiful blog..you will have to translate the Norwegian into English though, on Google!

  2. Lovely photos Beth. That looks like a great location for a bit of rest and relaxation! The weather looked perfect too.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    Best wishes,

  3. I'm dreaming right along with you Beth. Robx

  4. What an idyllic little spot...I would happily while away the hours listening to the water lapping against the shore :)


  5. What a beautiful spot. It's sad when development encroaches on these places. I hope it doesn't get knocked down.

  6. Great to find you from here in Swansea. Love your boat house photographs,
    A long way away from Dylan Thomas's boat house!
    Take care for now .
    Becca x

  7. Funny, I was
    just visiting
    Seattle yesterday!
    I wonder if that
    houseboat is still
    there? That movie
    made me fall in love
    with them, too. What
    a gorgeous place you
    got to spend time in.
    Great pics, too!
    xx Suzanne

  8. I love them both, houseboat and boat house and both suitable for keeping away from the sand you are not fond of Beth. :)