Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Census night and changing times

It's census night here in Australia. 

I was trying to explain to Sibs what a census was all about
 and I think she eventually sort of got it when we got to the Mary and Joseph story!

Even though she is not entirely sure what it's all about she asked plenty of questions.
My favourites were -
"Do we have to include the cats?"
"We can't have 'friend' to play otherwise it will mess up the census"
"Oh no, Dad is away...(wobbly bottom lip)  he won't get any services if he's not on the census!" 

Apologies for the terrible photography -( maybe my phone isn't quite so good at night?)
but allow me to just take a moment to comment on the question about ancestry.
It asks - "What is the person's ancestry?" and then gives 7 options with a 'other' box at the end.
How come "English', 'Irish' and 'Scottish' get a box...and no 'Welsh'? Hmmph!

I also had a little chuckle with this box - I ran out of counting fingers!!

Anyhow, I completed my census online and it was super quick and easy.
When I pressed "submit" it made me recall that earlier conversation.

No donkey to get to the census city...not even a pencil was needed!
I bet even a generation ago would not have envisaged a situation where one would be sitting on the sofa,
 ipad on lap, completing it?

Times are a'changing.

Talking of changing times...
What is going on in some parts of England at the moment?
Riots and looting on the streets of London and some of the major cities?
I was watching the UK news earlier today and just couldn't believe what I was seeing...

I hope it settles quickly and safely.

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  1. I can't believe what is happening in London - hopefully not too many people get hurt. I just completed my census online as well, very quick and easy wasn't it? :)

  2. My aunt and
    uncle just moved
    to London for a
    five year stint
    with his job and
    the rioting, etc.
    scares me a bit....
    Times, indeed,
    are a changing.
    I remember feeling
    perfectly safe in
    London!! Love that
    last census question.
    Now if I they could
    only come up with
    something better
    than "home maker"
    as an option for our
    jobs, right?? I think
    I prefer "domestic
    goddess" : ) : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  3. am as outraged as you that Welsh was not an option...worth a letter methinks! As to riots, goodness only knows what's happening there...long summer, bored deprived kids, disillusionment with governance, cuts having an impact on social services including youth schemes, people seeing no hope in their future or the pessimists may think it's just an opportunity for some to steal and cause mayhem. Sadly it is the impoverished communities who will suffer even more

  4. Byron was unimpressed too! He made sure to check "other" and put Wales in the box. Ancestry for the kids was a tricky one. I'm Irish. Byron Welsh. Kids born in England and now Australian citizens. Technically they could choose irish, welsh and English but only two choices allowed...! I was filling out the form so I got the final say!

  5. Let's hope the trouble dies down soon in London and other cities, it is a bit worrying! Love Linda x

  6. The Australian Government need to revise the document to include Wales!

    I'm currently in USA and also worrying about the situation in England, with children in London and Guildford
    Helen xx

  7. Hey Beth, I agree census forms 'very strange' Al did the honours for us, like you, online. Adam works in London two or three days a week and came home yesterday said couldn't believe what he was seeing. Terrible, seems to be spreading, desperate measures need to be taken. So glad we live in a field,!! xxxxWendy

  8. I just read in the paper that 670,000 people forget to hit submit!

    My Grandfather is Welsh so I totally agree with you. We need to start a campaign to include Wales!

    I'm hosting a give away at my blog so please stop by if you have a moment!

    Best wishes,

  9. I'll bet you ran out of fingers....what a stupid question...makes you wonder if the Australian Govt. is thinking of awarding a wage to unpaid housewifes...as if! Robx

  10. p.s. now now...don't be bitter about being Welsh and left out, yet again,...remember you're a member of the British Empire! Robx