Monday, 31 October 2011

deep blue - an orchestral experience


Have you ever been to an orchestral concert where you are told -

"If you've just switched off your phone, can you please switch it on again and leave it on!"

Oh, and take as many photos as you want..."

Well unless you've been to see deep blue, the answer is probably no?

My last blog post was about the traditionalist in me -
choosing to prefer a library in all its 'old word' glory over a modern colourful and noisy one. 
So just to prove that I'm not too predictable let me tell you about a recent concert that I went to.

deep blue is a group of energetic musicians who have a real flair for performance.

The following description of them is taken direct from their website -

"deepblue is part band, part orchestra and part theatre.

deepblue marries the traditional string section of the orchestra with a 5th section - digital and electronics,cameras, big screens and dynamic lighting.
It is a rich mix of classical, pop and film music
delivered with magnificent sound light,
images and stories."

Sibs and I were fortunate to go and see them last week and we were transfixed by the energy coming from the stage. It is a different experience to go to a concert where you are asked to text the performers and they respond! You become part of their performance.

deep blue encourage the audience to enjoy themselves - clap if you want to, dance, whoop, sing.... whatever takes your fancy.

The musicians make a point of mingling with the audience after the show and seemed genuinely interested in gaining feedback and chatting. A sure way of gaining some young followers and fans.

I enjoyed it - it was fun and refreshing.

I think there's a place for both the traditional and experimental in performance, and I would thoroughly recommend a deep blue performance. It will lift your mood.

5 Comments and thoughts:

  1. That sounds amazing! My daughter plays the cello and my son plays the double bass so I wish I'd taken them to this-they would have loved it! Thanks for telling me about the ensemble.

    Best wishes and happy week,

  2. What a refreshingly good point of view to take from a performance. Good publicity is a great outcome for them too.

  3. Hi Beth, what an absolute breath of fresh air 'Deep Blue' sounds and looks.Lovely that you were able to see them with Sibs too. Happy Halloween! Love Linda x

  4. that is really an awesome experience!

  5. Hi Beth, hope you had a Happy Halloween? So glad you did the apples, I did too, though didn't think they looked as good as in the Pinterest pic...c'est la vie! Have a lovely week, love Linda x