Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Floating to relax

Do you ever get to relax....I mean really relax?

Switch off from everything -  ab-so-lute-ly everything?

If you do, please share....
Apart from maybe sleeping, then relaxation at this level is a bit of challenge.

I can find a quiet spot, get lost in a book for a while, listen to some music...

this all works for me, but it's short lived.

If I want to totally relax then I indulge in some sensory deprivation...

Sensory what?
I float to relax in a tank of perfect temperature soothing water...
I was first introduced to floating a few years ago when I happened to pass a Float Centre and wondered what it was.
Intrigued, I gave it a try and was immediately impressed by the benefits.

I usually float at the end of a day when I can then just get myself as quickly as I can into bed for a sleep.

The place that I go to has the floatation tank and showering facilities within the same private room. It's quiet and peaceful and after a quick shower I pop in the ear pugs, turn off the lights (there is a dim night light that is left on) and get into the tank.
I keep the sliding lid open part way but you can enclose yourself completely.

Once you switch off the lights some soothing music is played for the first 5 - 10 minutes, and then it's complete silence until 5 mins from the end of the session when the music returns as a signal to finish.

The water is silky smooth and full of epsom salt so you easily float. However, for the first few minutes I find that I am most comfortable with my hands behind my neck. (Just make sure that you don't touch your face as the salt will irritate the heck out of you....I know!)

Your whole body bar the front of your face is in the water and this does take a bit of getting used to and to trust that you will be safe.

I have found that I need to close my eyes straight away in order to gain the most benefit. Maybe because I have been a few times I now feel relaxed as soon as the music starts...

However, there was once when I just couldn't switch off.  The routine was the same, the music stopped and my mind was still buzzing, even the quiet swooshing noise of the water around my ears was bugging me. I tried counting, I tried concentrating on different parts of the body, I tried everything - and nothing worked. So I just got out, showered and left!

That is unusual though. Sometimes I actually think that I experience such a deep relaxation that it feels as if I have been asleep - and that's amazing.

Each time I float, I tell myself that I will do this more often...

I will do this more often....

I will...

(sun, sky and sea photos from our recent trip to Central Queensland)

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  1. Interesting thoughts. I've never known of anyone whose used these kinds of facilities before. I have always loved sleeping though as it kind of feels a bit like floating!

  2. Always fancied that Beth, must do some research as to where there are some, Your photo's are amazing, just looking at that scenery would make me feel chilled! Getting cold here but the autumn colours are lovely, talk of early snow?! Hope so, i love it xxxx Al & Wend

  3. Wow, interesting post Beth! Though I'd have to say as much as I'd like the complete relaxation experience, it wouldn't be in a flotation tank. The thought of being closed in sends the hibby jibbies down my spine! Even if it is slightly open. Oh! I've just noticed I'm a tempting blog on your side-bar! That's so cool! Thanks!

  4. Hello Beth

    Thanks for introducing me to floating. This is new to me. It sounds like a perfect way to unwind.
    Thank you for being my latest follower.
    My best
    Helen xx

  5. beth, massage does it for me every time, especially a hot stone massage. can't be doing with tanks, too claustrophobic!

  6. A friend told me about this once. She loved it. I could do with it right now! Love Linda x