Sunday, 22 January 2012

One more sleep....

...and it's back to routine.

Today is the last day of the summer holidays here. The school uniform has been washed, ironed and hung in the wardrobe. The new socks are ready, the books are prepared, the pencils, erasers, etc, etc all packed up.
(My British friends will be interested to know that parents provide everything needed for primary school here - every pencil, exercise book, crayon...even paper for the photocopier and a box of tissues!)

Anyway, enough about tomorrow. I've just been thinking back about what we've done during the holidays.
This year we decided not to travel away and have been enjoying doing some exploring close to home. Apart from the few posts that I have snatched a moment to write about here's a few more highlights of the last couple of months.

Want to have a look...?

There's been plenty of baking. This is a time when we made banana bread and I have to say one of the best that I have ever tasted courtesy of a recipe from Sarah at The Beach Cottage.(link here)

Some day trips including one up to the hinterland.
 I tried out a panoramic shot here to try and capture the scenery.

School holidays are great for catching up with friends and there have been numerous play dates and sleep overs. This is one invitation that was on the doorstep one evening.

The invitation was written on a pillowcase that was then decorated as part of the slumber party.
Sibs had a ball!She came home with a collage of photos of a jam packed time with friends.

Some days were spent indoors when the temperature was a little too high.

There's been some walking and exploring locally with friends including the four legged variety.

You never know what you'll find on your doorstep unless you look!

 One of the highlights of the holidays was the week that Sibs spent with Deep Blue.

A few months ago I took her to watch Deep Blue perform (link to post here) and she was really inspired by the show. We found out that they were offering a Young Blue workshop and she was lucky enough to get a place. The week was filled with instrumental tuition, but on top of this she learnt about confident speaking, stage presence, lighting, sound and recording. One day she came home and announced that she'd been to a seminar and that she's an 'auditory learner'!  
The week ended with a performance that the young musicians had put together - it was spectacular, and her smile at the end said it all (albeit a very blurry photo)

So another summer school holiday has been filled with memories...
I have watched my girl bloom and grow in front of my eyes.

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  1. I like the comment about no technology allowed. Kids here spend far too much time indoors with their gadgets. Looks like your daughter had a great summer. Cherish the time - they grow up so fast. xx

  2. What a gorgeous post, Beth. You really have been making the most of your summer days. Bravo, my friend! J x

  3. We are back tomorrow too... Every book covered... You know that is an ordeal... Anyway, I meet my new class (year three's), my daughter starts high school and my son has his first day of his repeat of year three ( hope I did the right thing there) so hopefully it will be a good day for us all! X

  4. Reading about school holiday fun and covering books etc reminds me how fast these years fly by Beth.
    Hope your daughter enjoys her first day back.

  5. Beth, interesting about you having to buy everything for Sibs's school. Little man starts prep on the 3rd Feb and we don't have to buy a thing wrt stationary. Everything is provided by the school. Miss M on the other hand - we have to buy everything. Stationary, books, iTunes voucher, iPad (using for the 2nd yr - next year is Apple Macs), portable flash drive, aprons for tech metal and food technology, the whole lot. She starts Yr8 this year.

    Looks like you've had an amazing holiday. Good luck to Sibs for her first day of school.

  6. Sounds so lovely Beth, where do the years go. Adam and family came for breakfast yesterday and just watching and listening to Josh, who never shuts up by the way and range of vocabulary is amazing for a two year old, makes you realize every moment is precious. Josh started playgroup last Monday, seems not that long ago Adam was doing the same thing!!! Was beginning to think he would never grow up!!!!! Helps in your long holidays that you can rely on the weather?! Apart from a few frosty days we have just been wet and hurricane winds. xxxWendy

  7. Wow! Looks like you had a lovely summer there! Hope the return to school goes well :-)

  8. Ah, a friend of mine is a member of deep blue, the cello player on stilts! So glad the experience was enjoyable!