Thursday, 16 February 2012

Another day...

Another day here at the beach...not doing much but enjoying the tranquility.

The sun has been shining and we've had a lovely time lounging by the pool and walking by the ocean. Sun kissed shoulders have now been washed free of suncream and the sand has been rinsed.

You know that feeling of a good day spent outdoors when your body feels warm and relaxed? That's how we feel having spent a couple of days here. Even the sand that seemed to find its way into my eyebrows was okay...just!

Sibs has been fitting in a couple of hours of school work between having fun.

Then we spent the morning dipping in and out of the pool and reading.

We wandered out for a coffee and then had an evening beach stroll before dinner.

I could really get used to this...

Tomorrow we are venturing out to see a few sights. All this relaxing has to stop!

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5 Comments and thoughts:

  1. The beach looks great Beth, make the most of the break and just keep on relaxing!
    Just caught up on your lovely new haircut and colour too.

  2. Are there no other people around Beth, have you those wonderful beaches to yourselves?! So So envious. Enjoy. xxx Wendy

  3. Almost. Kids are back at school Wendy and there's no half term so it's really quiet. There are a few people on the beach early in the morning (the fit joggers), but apart from that it's just us. We're going to visit Surfer's Paradise tomorrow - I think that will be busier.

  4. Hi Beth!
    I LOVE to see beach photo's so thanks for sharing this, here it is cold and snowy, not my type of weather but he, it's all part of living here...
    Hope you will have a good sight seeing day, enjoy enjoy enjoy!
    Maureen xx

  5. So, I just finished reading the posts I have missed, and have to
    say, I love to read them back to back also, loved the ones where the grandparents arrive, the first day of school and that spider!
    Always lovely to come here Beth, thanks for sharing this!
    (and I envy your hair, I have thin hair after my second daughter four years ago, those hormones ruined my full and long hair, the colour you have now xx)