Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mini break continued...

Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Queensland

The city is a million miles away as I sit here typing this. I'm listening to the crashing waves of the ocean and looking out at the dark night sky.
Boy, is this good! Holidays are sooo good, especially when they are mid week and it feels like everyone else is working. (sorry Neil)

After a swim, Sibs and I took a stroll along the beach this afternoon. We just watched the waves for ages - it was mesmerizing. It was quite windy and you could feel the warm sea breeze on your face and the hot sand between your toes....heaven.
I'm a bit of a convert when it comes to the beach. It's taken me a little while to appreciate what's on my doorstep.

I'm not particularly familiar with the coastline south of Brisbane so this is my chance to explore a bit more.
But for a now I'll just enjoy this little spot, just outside our apartment.

There are no plans for tomorrow, we'll just see how the mood takes us.
There will be coffee, and there will be croissants, but apart from that who knows.

Happy days indeed.

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6 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Bliss.You make it sound SO good x

  2. How wonderful it all looks and sounds. Sigh. Enjoy!!!

  3. I love those beaches too. We lived in Southport for a year - long time ago!

    and your image of the Birkenstocks in the sand says "Summer" to me, it's beautiful!

    Have a wonderful time the two of you - special.


  4. A mid-week holiday - divine! We live on the beach and sometimes I am aware of taking it for granted too. I do hope you enjoy the rest of your little holiday.

  5. So envious. I could really do with a mid-week break at the moment! The weather looks fabulous. Enjoy. ;)Sharyne