Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Anyone get any Valentine's Flours?

Happy Valentine's Day.

I bet no-one got what I got??

I don't really buy into the commercial side of Valentine's day, and we usually just exchange a home made card or a small gift in this house. There's no overpriced red roses or big boxes of chocolates.
This year we did the usual card swapping over breakfast, Neil even got a couple of small presents. Sibs had made everyone a card including Gu and Tadcu and even the cats!

Then I noticed this little saucer...

Here are my red Valentine  Day flours!!

A bit of self-raising, a bit of plain, some rice flour, maybe even some corn flour....!

Neil likes to be a bit cryptic with his gifts and this was his contribution to Valentine's Day. I have to applaud the originality I suppose!

On another note, I have been asked about the haircut. Thank you for the suggestions by the way. I gave it  some thought and googled some short styles.

 Did I go for the chop...?

No, not quite.
A good haircut was the outcome - about 5cm chopped off.

My hairdresser was horrified and gently persuaded me that I didn't really want to go short.
She was probably right. She used her magic with the colours and I'm loving how it seems to catch different lights and change. So in the end a small change rather than the drastic one.

Tonight I'm preparing for a trip down the coast - I'm so looking forward to it.

I'll continue with the mobile blogging to share the sights.

9 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Good call with the hair cut - looks lovely.

  2. We aren't big celebrators of today either, preferring to spend time together wi the kids over lavish gifts :)
    Loving your new do Beth, the colour is gorgeous :)

  3. Looks great Beth, still pondering on mine! Flour, how very Neil that was!! Al went off at 6 this morning leaving a small note on the back of the envelope of the card i left for him!? Bless, I'm sure t time will bring flowers, but then I am very lucky and get them when I least expect them, which I much prefer than being told you have to b romantic on a specific day XXXX Wend

  4. No exchange of cards or gifts here either as we believe that love is for everyday and not just for San Valentino, however my coffee froth did have a heart drawn in it this am, ah. :)

  5. That would have to be one of the most Unique Valentine gifts I have ever seen LOL! Love your man's style. So pleased your stylist persuaded you not to go short. That colour is gorgeous. Enjoy your little trip away. ;)Sharyne

  6. Your hair looks fantastic. I really like the colour and shape. I need a proper cut and colour but I'm too chicken!
    Interesting valentines flours! Very inventive :)

  7. Your hubby is very funny...love your hair...the colour is gorgeous. Have just caught up on your previous post (been a little busy)...I love Noosa...it's one of my favourite places in the world....your visitors will never want to leave...Robx

  8. I just wound Byron up by saying your hubby had given you some really special flowers / flours. He laughed when I showed him the picture!