Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fancy a mini break?

I'm taking a little holiday. A little time to enjoy the sunshine, relax, kick back, read a book or two...

Now that the jet lag has subsided for Gu and Tadcu, I've booked a few days off work to spend as tour guide.

Do you fancy joining me on our mini break? (The words mini break just remind me of 'Bridget Jones's Diary'? Remember that?)

Anyhow, especially for my Northern Hemisphere friends who are struggling with a particularly cold winter, come with me as we explore a bit of this beautiful coastline that I am fortunate enough to now call home.

Day one of our little holiday is in Noosa. Forget the frozen windscreens, the black ice, the sleet in your face and imagine the warm sunshine on your shoulders...

Let's follow the path up towards the National Park and admire the water views.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon is it?

It can get pretty hot, so a water bottle is a must on most days here, but you quickly get used to the routine of suncream, hat and water.

On the way back I tried to find some sleeping koalas. You can occasionally spot them high up in the trees having a snooze. There were none to be seen, but instead this little fellow was rustling about.

I thought that the small group that had gathered were taking photos of a brush turkey. I was smiling as I walked past thinking, "they must be tourists!" Then I realized that the brush turkey was getting away from this Lace Monitor, so I joined the camera snapping tourists!

These coast guards sit where the river joins the sea. You wouldn't mind that view from the 'office' window would you?

Brisbane is sandwiched between two coastlines - if we turn left we head to the Sunshine Coast and if we turn right it's down to the Gold Coast.

Today was a Sunshine Coast day, to familiar territory. I hope you liked the few snaps and maybe managed to forget the freezing temperatures for a few moments.

A lovely day out finished off with fish and chips eaten by the river before we headed home. The usual sub tropical summer rain fell as we drove and I'm really getting used to hot days followed by cooling rain to clear the air.

I'll be heading down the coast during the week and into new territory.

Before I leave there's that visit to the hairdresser....

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6 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Looks and sounds wonderful!!! Wish I could be there for real, some of that sunshine, blue skies and sea - but enjoyed the virtual tour too!
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your mini-break with your lucky friends!

    Gill xx

  2. Wow! I want some of that... Seeing posts such as those further convince me that a move to Oz would be just the ticket :-)

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your mini-break.

  3. Just the ticket Beth, could smell the sea!! Saw Margaret and Tony in Boundary Mill on Sunday and said you had gone to Noosa. A place i would like to visit again one day, sadly not this year. Sounds like the "mini break" will be a lot of fun filled sunshiny days, very jealous, grey murky and cold here, still quite a lot of snow, but we are like base camp to k2!!!!! Love to all Al & Wend xxxx

  4. Heaven- you are all in heaven!! They will love it ...

    Melissa xx

  5. I love Noosa! It looks like the weather was brilliant too! X