Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Losing your hair at school assembly...

I went to school assembly this morning.
I really like the fact that my girl's school encourages you to be involved in everyday stuff.
When she was in the lower grades I got the opportunity to help out with reading groups, art classes and PE lessons. It was a wonderful way of being part of her school day...
Anyway, I digress -  back to the assembly.

During assembly this morning one of the Grade 7 girls got up on the stage and had her hair shaved
 in front of about 700 pupils, teachers and parents.

She pledged to do this if she raised a certain amount of money for Leukaemia research through the Greatest Shave. She smashed her target amount! Everyone was behind her. The school pupils were asked to bring in a gold coin donation, and for an extra $1 they could also get their hair sprayed.

What touched me the most was the support and feeling of camaraderie in the school.
 Whilst she sat on the stage the other pupils watched, (the young preps with wide eyes) they giggled a bit, they gasped when the clippers first went through her hair and then they broke out in spontaneous applause.
It went on and on and on...

I was choked...I welled up...I had to put my sunglasses on! (I am such  a cry softie!)

Her Dad was there to take photos,
her mum was there with the congratulatory hug,
and we were there to applaud.

When so many young girls are preoccupied with a certain image and looks,
this beautiful young girl challenged that.

I congratulate her, not just on raising the money,
but for the messages that she has allowed me to share with my girl.

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  1. Wow! That's a brave thing to do.
    I love the fact that it opened up a conversation between you and your daughter. I bet this very unusual event will stay etched in her head for a very long time.

  2. Hi Beth. I know how you feel about the sense of community at your daughter's school, as the school that my girls attend is very much the same. A couple of years back one of their teachers had their head shaved for the leukaemia foundation and raised a phenomenal amount of money from the school community. The young girl at your daughter's school must be a very compassionate and brave young lady :)
    Btw, I found you via Miss Sew and So's blog and thought I'd pop over and check you out...and now I'm following :) Have a great day!
    Cas x

  3. What a sweet girl. I never would have been brave, or kind, enough to do that at that age. I love your phrase cry-softie too. I must be one because my eyes welled up just reading this.

  4. What a lovely story Beth, I know for some it isn't done through choice so this little girl is sending a fabulous message to all out there who take their appearance for granted. Well done. Love Wend xxx

  5. What a brave girl to shave her head to raise money for a very worthwhile cause. A wonderful story. Xx

  6. I welled up reading this - I'd have been crying along with you if I'd been there! What a wonderful and kind thing to do!

    At Ioan's school, a teenage boy moved to the school from one where he'd been bullied so badly that he'd lost all his hair. All his class mates were told that he was the only pupil allowed to wear a hat at school, and they all respected this - no-one teased him or tried to take it off him. After a few months, the sports teacher (a male)and the boy made a deal: the sports teacher would shave his head in front of his classmates, and the boy would stop wearing his hat. Doesn't sound like a big thing for the sports teacher to do, but it had a huge effect on the boy's self-confidence! Sometimes even small gestures can go a long way to making somebody feel better about themselves.

  7. What a great girl...her parents must be very proud...I'd be bawling my eyes out at assembly!! Robx

  8. A very lovely thing to do - thank you for sharing that story Beth :-)

  9. What an amazing gesture for this young girl to have made, I admire her.

  10. Fabulous,
    I'd say she
    taught all of
    these lessons,
    and more.

    Happy Friday,
    xx Suzanne