Thursday, 14 June 2012

Action playroom.

I mentioned the other day that this week's public holiday Monday was a rainy one and so we stayed indoors and moved furniture around.... 
For a couple of years now Sibs and I have been having conversations about her playroom. It's become a bit of a storage area and is constantly a mess. I know a playroom is a playroom, but she hasn't been using it as it's "too messy". So Monday was action playroom time!

 I managed to persuade Neil that the black sofa from the guest room would be better in the playroom (upstairs!) and then that the piano would also be better placed up there! 
Miraculously he agreed to the moving, and even more miraculously we managed to get both up and around the stairway, along the corridor upstairs and down the few steps into the playroom. My arms were a bit sore afterwards - but I won't admit to that.!

Meanwhile the playroom got a clearout - a massive clearout. The bins were filled and the giveaway boxes and bags are overflowing. When did Sibs accumulate so much stuff?

We talked about the time when we moved here 'just for a year' with one box of toys and a borrowed box of Lego. We managed just fine. Everything was played with - everything was appreciated. We're going to try and get back to basics. Think about what comes into the house....

I keep telling her how lucky she is to have this space - really lucky.

I love the shape of the room. It's above the garage and has a few steps down as you enter. The ceiling is vaulted - a nightmare to decorate, but lovely to look at! The one window overlooks the back of the house and when we moved in the pink bougainvillea trees outside inspired the fuchsia shade of pink on the walls. It is the only room in the house to have some colour. (It going to be decorated soon - but that's another story).

Now that Sibs is growing up (oh so fast...!) the playroom is changing. The cupboards no longer hold boxes of dolls clothes and toys....The dressing up wardrobe has been cleared out and is empty except for a couple of Halloween accessories....

There's a sofa and a massive mirror and a huge long desk in there with shelves and storage for arts and crafts. My sewing machine will be finding a new home on that desk. My yoga mat is already there and she's planning on me teaching her some yoga during the school holidays.

It's now a music area, a place to practice ballet, to get creative...

We're moving on... my little big girl is growing up.

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. It looks a wonderful space for Sibs, how lucky to have a special place with enough room to dance!
    I think its lovely that it will become more of a shared space with activities that you and she can do together, the yoga and sewing - I'm sure you will both enjoy and make the most of the revamped space.
    Happy times to come and to treasure as Sibs grows up.
    Gill xx

  2. ahhh "stuff" it's amazing how quick we accumulate it. I spent last week going through my "stuff" in the home office and yet I still feel more can go. Like you I am going to limit what comes in and although "stuff" has slowed down, it's about going through the "stuff" we have and letting go. I just finished reading a book and one of the tips there was putting limits on things, e.g towels and tea towels and everything in the house.

    The space looks great and how neat that it has been transformed to suit current needs......I bet it will be used so much more now. BTW was sad to see that Wales lost in the weekend.

  3. What marvelous work you have done. That is a lot of moving.

    Hope your weekend is superb

    Helen xx